Miley Cyrus vs Mr Potato Head.

I’m not sure who Miley Cyrus is. I think she’s related to Billy Ray, who did that dreadful ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ many years ago. I’m guessing she’s some sort of pop sensation although I have no idea what her music sounds like.

I do however keep seeing her face pop up on YouTube, the link saying that her video has had over 11 million views. I’m tempted to click on it, but then again, maybe not.

In many respects her face is like Mr Potato Head‘s. Each component perfect, maybe forged from the same mould. The eyes, eyebrows and lips perfect in their own way and then plonked on to a blank canvas of unflawed skin.

There is something creepy about such perfection. It just looks odd, just like Mr Potato Head. Although Mr Potato Head has an excuse, his head, after all, is a potato.

Miley, it seems has become an idol to many people, people that having nothing better to do than worship a golden potato. To them I say, stop worshipping that tuber, go out and get yourself a hobby, underwater basket weaving or Roller Derby are good options, and live in reality, a reality not tainted by the art of manipulation.

I’ve not seen the infamous (yawn) twerking incident but I’m guessing that if Mr Potato Head twerked so violently that all his facial features drop off, that is the sort of show I’d pay good money for.

I vow that this is the last time I will use the word ‘twerk’, a sequence of letters that doesn’t deserve to be in the English lexicon. Slap me if I use it again.


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