Roller Derby on Film - Photographs from the flat track.

I have always had a love of books, the printed word, luscious full colour images, black and whites that convey a different feeling. After I get back from a bout I process the images, upload them to Facebook for people to see, but also print some out for test purposes to check the quality, which I usually send out to the teams with the disc of images. This is how they are meant to be seen. Something a computer screen can’t replicate. There is a difference between the printed image and what you see on screen.

The latest reincarnation of Roller Derby has been technologically led. The internet has allowed it to grow, ideas to spread and the community to evolve in a way not seen before. Images of the sport are shared over social networks but the computer screen does not have the same power of the printed image. With hard drives scattered all over the house are bursting to the seams with images captured at bouts I thought it time to put together a collection of the images I have shot over the past few years in to a book so they can be seen as intended.

It is available in two versions. As it’s print on demand the prices are unfortunately far higher than I’d like. However, scour the web for Blurb voucher codes and you can usually get anywhere between 10-25% discount vouchers to use on your order.

*Hardback - £41.18
It can be ordered here:
128 pages printed on 148gsm lustre paper

*Soft cover - £26.95 
It can be ordered here:
128 pages printed on 118gsm standard paper

*Please remember on ordering to check the PDF version off unless you really want to spend an extra £2.99 on something I can put up as a download for free.

Even if you decide not to purchase and just look at the preview I hope you enjoy the images as much as I have had shooting them.


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