Time for a bit of a change.

A break from anything is good. It gives you a chance to reflect on what you are doing. Could you be doing anything different to make the results better, or change your approach totally to achieve a whole new perspective?

Having a month or so break from Roller Derby has been good for me. It’s given me time for reflection to think about how I can take it in another direction. Packing the bags the night before, getting up, heading off to a venue somewhere in the country, which may be good or not so good for photography, covering one or two bouts, heading home, then spending the next day processing can become a chore. Sifting through hundreds of shots to find the few good ones, which if lucky will make it to Facebook but probably not much further.

While its good to sit trackside, thinking you will get that one cracking shot, more than often that isn’t going to happen so what’s the alternative? Well without a huge investment it can be difficult, but while clearing the house out I came cross a load of old Pentax K manual focus lenses. With minimal investment it’ll be possible to fit them to my current set up. There’s a mix bag, of wide angle and standard to 500mm telephoto mirror lenses, from both reputable companies and dodgy Russian sources, all covered in dust and fluff. With a bit of a clean up they’ll work just fine.

While they may not be the best optically and all be manual focus, they will have the desired effect of making me think. And while the range I have is limited, it will give me the excuse to trawl junk shops for additional low cost quirky lenses and other interesting oddities that may make for an interesting shot and in doing so I may come across that one true gem.

So what am I expecting from them? To be honest not a lot. I know their capabilities but a change is a good as a rest (sorry for the clichĂ©), but it may make me appreciate the gear I do have and the photos I get from it aren’t as bad as I suspect.


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