The last call

I sit here on the eve of what will be the last day of ‘This is Roller Derby’, the first time I’ve been able to sit down and relax for the past few weeks, I can at last reflect on all that has gone on.

The blood, sweat, money and tears (mainly blood and money) that has been put in to bring this exhibition to life.

When I was first offered the opportunity to go out to the World Cup last November with Team England I initially discarded the idea. It was too far, too expensive. As the days rolled by I changed my tune. I had to go. As the weeks wore on and no decision had been made as to which photographer would be going out, I decided that I had to get out there one way or another. A couple of emails later to Blood and Thunder I was on their crew. A week later with hotel and flights booked, l was ready to go. This was not an opportunity to miss.

There is one more day left of the exhibition. We have a fun-filled day planned. All it needs is people to come down and help make it happen. It’s an opportunity not to miss. It may never happen again. So don’t be shy, get yourself down to Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, 10am to 5pm, this Saturday and see the exhibition off in grand style.

On the Monday it will be packed up, put back in the box, the space left empty, cold, devoid of the fun, laughter and excitement that is Roller Derby.

On the Wednesday, I will pack my bags, charge the camera and get ready to head out to Berlin to work on the next project. So for now, this chapter is closing, this is your last chance, If you can make it, it’ll be good to see you.


  1. good read! happy trip to Berlin!!! :D have a great weekend!


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