The show must go on

Being skint seems to be an occupational hazard. But I can’t say no to a good bit of light or a free drink.

Berlin was on a whim because of the light. London a free drink, well, perhaps. It’s time to call in all favours. Well, all those left. I’ve been running through them at a chronic rate and will end up owing. I hate being in debt, well, favour wise. Money, well that’s my bank manager’s problem. Did I honestly look that responsible?

With only a couple of days to go everything is boxed up waiting to be shipped down to the gallery. A day of installation and several coffees later should see it complete. Like going on holiday I’ve been going through the check list, Done, sorted, I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. I’m pretty sure everything is in place and if not I have two days to sort things and so far my suppliers have been pretty damn spot on, good prices and good service.

So before the show opens just a few words of thanks, there will be many more as the week rolls on.

Firstly, Lorraine and Shaun at The Display Link for all the prints, great service and for being damn fine fellows. If you need any large format printing, banner stands etc… I can’t recommend them highly enough.

James at B&B Press for service so quick I didn’t have time to blink. B&B Press are the print professionals of choice and are a Carbon Neutral printers. So next time you need some print you can be good to the planet as well.

Finally at this stage, and these will be the people I thank over and over again, Run Roller Run for helping to organise everything, marketing, press and kicking me up the arse to put a show on. Jane Doe a Go Go for emailing information out, Jess at InsideLine for free advertising and Jenny and Clare for lifts in van shaped automobiles.

Everyone who has supplied raffle prizes and helped promote the exhibition and all those who I’ve forgotten who have helped, or offered to.

So finally I hope it lives up to everyone’s expectation. If not we can all go down the pub and forget it ever happened.

This is Roller Derby runs from 30 October 2012 to 10 November 2012 at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. See for more details.

So maybe, just maybe, another one next year, after all the pictures from the European Tournamnet have been processed. The light in that venue does look good.


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