The all seeing eye

On leaving the tube station I was confronted with a view of the city. The Gherkin off to the left, the tallest of all the buildings in the City of London. Straight ahead the Shard pierced the sky. Dominating the skyline. It’s hard angles jarring with the more organic lines of the buildings around it. Standing alone, it looked like Sauron’s tower watching over Mordor, keeping an all seeing eye on events below.

This is a bit surreal. I turned to look behind me from where I had come. Canary Wharf tube station, the sweeping entrance below a dome of grass reminded me of the Teletubbies house. I was becoming more troubled. This architecture is all over the place.

As I turned once more the Shard came back in to view. Looming on the horizon, as if it was eyeing up the financial institutions of the City and Canary Wharf.  If a war was coming, the armies of Mordor wouldn’t stand a chance against the Teletubbies.  Tinky Winky, La La, Po and the other one (with the handbag?).

Orcs are the mindless mass. Pawns in a war of destruction. They wouldn’t understand the inane noises, pointing and general running around of the Teletubbies. All this designed to confuse the enemy before they strike with pinpoint accuracy. If these four ever go on a rampage across London we are doomed.

The only way to save the capital would be to unleash Kitten Kong. But that would introduce a whole host of new problems. Half the city flattened, like downtown Tokyo after Godzilla has had a bust up with Mothra.

As I hurried to my hotel I just prayed it wouldn’t happen, well, in my lifetime at least.


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